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New Funding

The Campbell Lab is participating in an Ancestry Seed Network within the Human Cell Atlas (HCA). This project aims to leverage state-of-the-art techniques to characterize cellular heterogeneity across ancestries and ages in the healthy prostate. This network is led by Franklin Huang at UCSF and a collaboration of investigators from UCSF, University of Texas, and Boston University. 

New funding from NCI

New funding from NCI – The Campbell lab has received a new U01 from the NCI’s ITCR program to develop novel methods and software for mutational signature inference in collaboration with the Yajima and Huggins labs at BU. Additionally, the lab has received a new R01 from the NCI’s Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities to ……

Whole-genome doubling confers unique genetic vulnerabilities on tumour cells

Ryan J. Quinton, Amanda DiDomizio, Marc A. Vittoria, Kristýna Kotýnková, Carlos J. Ticas, Sheena Patel, Yusuke Koga, Jasmine Vakhshoorzadeh, Nicole Hermance, Taruho S. Kuroda, Neha Parulekar, Alison M. Taylor, Amity L. Manning, Joshua D. Campbell & Neil J. Ganem  Nature volume 590, pages492–497 (2021)Cite this article Abstract Whole-genome doubling (WGD) is common in human cancers, occurring early in tumorigenesis and generating genetically unstable tetraploid cells that fuel tumour development1,2. Cells that undergo WGD ……