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“Celda” stands for “CEllular Latent Dirichlet Allocation”. It is a suite of Bayesian hierarchical models and supporting functions to perform bi-clustering of features and cells for single-cell genomic data. This algorithm is an extension of the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) topic modeling framework that has been popular in text mining applications.


Musicatk (Mutational Signature Comprehensive Analysis Toolkit) is a comprehensive toolkit for analysis of mutational signatures. It has utilities for extracting variants from a variety of file formats, contains multiple methods for discovery of novel signatures or prediction of known signatures, as well as many types of downstream visualizations for exploratory analysis. This package has the ……


ExperimentSubset is an R package to manage subsets of Bioconductor Experiment objects. ExperimentSubset package enables users to perform flexible subsetting of Single-Cell data that comes from the same experiment as well as the consequent storage of these subsets back into the same object. In general, it offers the same interface to the users as the ……