Aaron Chevalier

Research: I am a PhD Candidate in the Bioinformatics Program. I previously worked at the Broad Institute to build Copy Number Analysis tools into the Genome Analysis Tool Kit (GATK). Currently I am building an R package for mutational signature deconvolution and prediction. Email: atgc@bu.edu

Rui Hong

Research: I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University. I previously worked at University of Pennsylvania as Research Assistant to build a computational pipeline to identify RNA-editing events for single-cell RNA-seq data. Now I am focusing on building an R package for single-cell ATAC-seq data analysis and visualization. Email: rzhong@bu.edu

Kelly Geyer

Research: I am a Statistics Ph.D. candidate at Boston University. Currently, I’m developing novel Bayesian models for the single cell analysis. Previously, I was a staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where I developed tools for text analytics and signal processing. Email: klgeyer@bu.edu

Yusuke Koga

Research: I am a Ph.D. student in the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University. I previously worked as a computational analyst in the Campbell lab where I focused on understanding mutational profiles in prostate cancers from African Americans. I am currently developing a comprehensive and interactive pipeline for the quality control of single cell transcriptomic data. Email: ykoga07@bu.edu

Ahmed Youssef

Research: I am a bioinformatics Ph.D. student at Boston University. My research interests fall in the area of network biology, where I aim to develop novel methods to make sense of the multitude of connections that underpin biological systems. My main project with the Campbell Lab is the decision tree marker discovery algorithm for single-cell data. Outside of bioinformatics, my hobbies include reading, tennis, and a passion for soccer. Email: ayoussef@bu.edu