Jingwen Xu

I am a Statistical Practice graduate and have a background in Applied Mathematics from my undergraduate studies. I possess a strong interest in exploring intricate mathematical theories, constructing statistical models, and implementing them to real-world datasets using R or Python. Currently, I focus on developing the Latent Dirichlet Allocation models for mutational signature datasets, expecting to achieve precise estimations of the mutation signatures with high efficiency.

Raghad Yamani

I am a Master’s student in the bioinformatics program. I received my undergraduate degree in biochemistry. I joined the lab during the summer of 2022, and my current role is working as a bioinformatics analyst for single-cell/single-nuclei RNA seq data under the supervision of Dr. Campbell and Dr. Zeldich.

Salam Alabdullatif

Research: I am a Master’s student in the bioinformatics program. My undergraduate background is in physics, where I gained some experience with computational tools and discovered an interest in biological applications. I joined the lab in the summer of 2019, working on analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data in R. My current role in the lab involves refining a pipeline to apply analysis tools to new datasets. Email: salamha@bu.edu

Yuan Yin

Yuan has a background in synthetic and system biology, and his interest has pivoted towards statistical methods development and their application to biological data. Currently he is working on extending a decontamination algorithm to various single-cell genomics data. Outside of work he enjoys swimming, kayaking, hiking, cycling around Boston, and listening to Ariana Grande.