Irzam Sarfraz

Research: I am a Computer Science graduate and have focused on development of interactive computational tools for analysis of high-throughput biological data. Previously, I developed a standalone and streamlined interactive tool for easy analysis of microarray data. My current work revolves around development of various parts of the ‘singleCellTK’ shiny R-based toolkit and an R package to manage subsets of Bioconductor experiment objects. Email:

Nida Pervaiz

I am a computer scientist withholding keen interest and passion for biological data with techniques for information storage, distribution, and analysis to support multiple areas of scientific research, including biomedicine. Previously served as a lecturer, I taught courses such as Data Structures and Artificial Intelligence where I have supervised multiple projects involving Data Mining and Deep Learning. Currently, I am helping to scale Single Cell Toolkit focusing on the implementation of different algorithms for single cell RNA-seq data in R together with building their interactive user interface for a quick visualization of the results. Apart from work, I am fond of listening to music and exploring new foods and places.

Ali Zaib, Syed

I am a software engineer and a full stack web and mobile app developer. I have worked on several large scale web and mobile apps. My hobbies include cooking and workout in gym.