Zhe Wang

Research: I am a Ph.D. candidate in Bioinformatics Program at Boston University. I joined the lab in 2017 and worked on developing scruff, a preprocessing and QC pipeline for single-cell RNA-seq data in R. Now I am working on developing a multi-modal clustering method for CITE-seq data. Email: zhe@bu.edu

Aaron Chevalier

Research: I am a PhD Candidate in the Bioinformatics Program. I previously worked at the Broad Institute to build Copy Number Analysis tools into the Genome Analysis Tool Kit (GATK). Currently I am building an R package for mutational signature deconvolution and prediction. Email: atgc@bu.edu

Yichen Wang

Research: I graduated from Bioinformatics Master’s Program at Boston University and am working as a Bioinformatic Analyst at BU. During my study in the field, I have gained experiences in developing tools for single-cell RNA-seq data analysis and genome assembly, in both R and Python. I am currently working on singleCellTK and focusing on user interface building as well as computational package writing. Outside of Bioinformatics, I do a lot of acoustic guitar rearranged cover of J-pop music. Email: wangych@bu.edu